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South Park


24 Jul 2003
What does canadian people think of South Park? I mean, they say some nasty things about Canada. HEHEH :D
Southpark makes fun of every race =P

The episode with "ChimpokoMon" is my favorite though. ^^
Me and my friends love southpark. =D Yes, they make fun of canadians a lot, but it's all in good fun... Far as I know, just about everything they make fun of, a lot of canadians critisize the same things they poke fun at: ie: CDN Military, Celion Dion, CDN flag being quite common on a lot of our stuff...
tweak!! "I....I..Cant.Take this pressure!!!" speaking of south park though i thought it was funny, in one of the episodes of fury kuri there was a part where they were all drawn like the guys from south park
Hehehe, when they air South Park on TV4 (swedish tv), they sub it. If you are enough good at english, it's funnier without the text, the jokes doesn't fit swedish, ya' knテ・? ;DDD🙂
i think thats the same when they sub american movies in japanese. i have talked to people who say they have seen american movies in japan and they laugh their asses of but none of the japanese people get the jokes. i guess it could also be a cultural thing, things we would think are funny they may not

Yes, but english and swedish jokes are quite similar, but not fully. American jokes CAN be funny. For example south park and simpsons where they joke about america, muahaha!
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