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South Korea-Japan relations

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14 Mar 2002
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The Korea Herald on Japanese-Korean relations, the author is minister at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

Looking back on South Korea-Japan relations

Future Korea-Japan friendship

To Japan, South Korea is an important neighbor that shares the basic principles of a market economy and democracy. In this context, developing a friendship and cooperative relations with South Korea is one of the most important frameworks in Japan's diplomacy. In the past, bilateral relations were sometimes troubled, but the ties started to change after the two countries co-hosted the World Cup and designated 2002 the year of a Korea-Japan people exchange.

What matters is now is how to develop the favorable atmosphere created by the World Cup. The response was the joint future projects agreed on during the summit between the two countries July 1 last year. The centerpiece of the project that was initiated in January this year is to spur athletic and youth exchanges. We plan to support the exchanges between our young people through sports and the introduction of the "working holiday system" between the two countries.

In the future, how to cultivate the bud of bilateral exchanges that have been developed through the World Cup is an important task. We need to cement bilateral cooperation by boosting amity between our young generations.

=> The Korea Herald
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