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South Korea decides to exit GSOMIA


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14 Mar 2002
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This is a very short-sighted move and proves that South Korea under Moon Jae-in is totally unreliable. Unfortunately, there seems to be a global trend to sacrifice common sense and long-established partnerships for short-term political gain. To quote Mr Trump: "This is sad, very, very sad."

In a stunning move that could further upend already fraying ties between Japan and South Korea, Seoul on Thursday announced that it would scrap a key intelligence-sharing pact with Tokyo, with the South’s presidential Blue House saying in a statement that it did not meet Seoul’s “national interests” to maintain the deal amid the intensifying spat between the two neighbours. Citing a “grave change” in security cooperation conditions that it attributed to the recent strengthening of export controls by the Japanese government, the Blue House said it planned to inform Tokyo of the move to end the General Security of Military Information Agreement before a Saturday deadline, the South’s Yonhap news agency said.

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