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soul calibur II


24 Feb 2003
has anyone else played this game? its so badass, abit different from the first one but you get used to it quick. and oh so much stuff to get. talim is my new favorite charactor.
We have to wait 30 days before it comes out :( . It really isnt fair. But my friend played it and said its very good, but then soul caliber was one of the best fighting games on ps1, the sequel was certain to impress.
I only have played SC I but I loved it, then I saw the preview from SC II and damn it's so cooooool 👍

If you liked the first SC, there's really no reason not to like the new game... the crazy amount of extra play modes we all know and love from the home version of SC is back, with tons of stuff to unlock. The only problem with the game is the system-specific special characters... it would have been cool to see all three in my game, but I'm satisfied with Link on my Gamecube.

Highly recommended if you haven't picked it up yet...

i could have done without the system specific charactors. i think they could have spent that time making one or more charactors for them all instead. that also might be because i dont really like heihachi, not on tekken and certainly not on SC. he seems out of place in the game.
That may be true, but Tekken and Soul Calibur have a certain special relationship... both Namco fighting games produced around the same time. And I thought Heihachi wasn't the first Tekken crossover character, though I'm not a Tekken player at all either... but I thought Yoshimitsu was from Tekken. Any Tekken fans, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in thinking this...

And like I said, I have Link in my game and I couldn't be happier...

thats correct, but yoshimitsu had a sword, even in tekken, so he works well. heihachi just feels like tekken, hes closer to tekken tag than tekken 4, still has his crazy string combos. its just weird playing playing with the other charactors and then comming to him, he feels different. if you get what i mean.
This game looks pretty cool. I haven't played SC and played Soul Blade. Since there's Heihachi, I'm wondering if there are other characters that doesn't really have a weapon? (unless Heihachi had a weapon...)
umm well the weapons you have to collect for heihachi are guantlets, but other than that he just uses his fists, then theres necrid whos weapon is energy and takes the form of others' in the game ivy, astaroth, cervantes etc. as needed.
God that game is awesome. I have played it on all platforms (though I hate the gamecube controller 'cuz it hurts my hands), and it is, hands down, the best fighting game of the year. It has cool characters for each console, but Spawn is my favorite out of Heihachi and Link.

I cried when Cervantes beat my Mitsurugi to a bloody pulp on hard in story mode........................

Oh and if it's a game based on weapons......why Heihachi? I would rather pummel someone with a sword, than my hands.
yeah i dont get it either, i think they coulda picked a bunch of different charactors to put on besides him, ayame or rikimaru from tenchu wouldve been cool.
Nice compilation website. I just looked at it (the one on your signature.) and am downloading Winamp skins as we speak.
ty ty, its a portal to a a site that i send in my work to. since i just got this computer and all im going to start working on some XP visual styles and such. ill eventually update that site to make it look better and not so plain. you're actually the 1st person to download from it. :D
Haha Mitsurugi, the ultimate samurai rulez!!! I think we should chat to each other by ICQ... what do you think about that? 🙂
people have got to make money anyway they can in this economy. i ain't hating on them trying to appeal to as many fans as possible. some people didn't/don't like weapons-based fighting games and vice versa
if it got just one extra gamer to pick up the controls...
Originally posted by Sgt. Wang
ICQ? Where can I get it? All I have is aim, yim, and microsoft im.
ICQ New — для тех, кто всегда онлайн

Originally posted by budd
people have got to make money anyway they can in this economy. i ain't hating on them trying to appeal to as many fans as possible. some people didn't/don't like weapons-based fighting games and vice versa
if it got just one extra gamer to pick up the controls...

yeah but thats only exclusive to the PS2 the other systems' extra fighters have weapons just the same as everyone else. of all the PS and other charactors they coulda picked why heihachi? it makes no sense to me. i think spawn/link's ability to fire projectiles isnt very cool either. they never had that in any of the previous games, personally i always thought that a good point.
Rare fighting games use weapons, because of this fact (and many more) SCII is so interesting and incredible!!!! 👍
Thanks jeisan. Now if only we could follow through with Himura's idea. I've never i.m.ed someone outside of the states. Call me crazy...........................
But Jeisan, that website of yours was just what I was looking for awhile back, and I've always wanted new icons, skins, and screensavers, but always got crappy ones hooked to deals. That's a very neat website you got there.
thanks again sgt. wang.
you might wanna get icq plus that way you can skin it as well. i talk to people out of country all the time. anyway my icq number is in my profile if youd like to add me.
Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast was one of the finest fighting games ever. SC2 looks just magnificent. I enjoyed sweating like mad trying to unlock all the sweet extras. Lizard Man is my favourite fighter although Sophitia is way sexy. I like Tekken alot so a huge round of applause must go out to Namco for including Heihachi in the PS2 version.
I don't know another fighting-game where so many gifts, costumes and hidden goodies can be unlocked.... that's great inclusive the different playing modes 👍
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