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Sorta short introduction!


14 Jan 2004
Hi there people,

Let me see, Violet happens to be my real name. And I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I was born here as well, although my parents both happen to hail from Croatia (formerly part of Yugoslavia, but now luckily escapees of a communist dictatorial regime - oh I digress).

Yes I tend to digress a lot :D hopefully I can minimise that in my future posts ^_^. I am 31 years of age and I sincerely hope I'm not the oldest forum member :D

Hmm my fascination with China and Japan started back when I was a little kid, must've been about 20 years ago when I saw a miniseries about Marco Polo and his travels to China. The interest was fuelled by history classes concerning Asia, although I think Dutch schools hardly do Asian history any justice and quite quickly move on to other subjects. So the only way to learn more about Asia was to go to the library and read as much as I could. Over the years I went through phases of less interest and more interest. But on the whole, Japan appeals to me the most for some reason. Can't even pinpoint why exactly. A couple of times I have tried to learn Japanese, but it's kinda hard on your own. Might give it another go this year, got some new course books and all. Hopefully they won't end up as filler :D

And there's the planned trip to Japan next year. Oh well.

Oh a few years ago I also discovered anime as many have before me. It's by no means the reason why I am so interested in all things Japanese, but well, in a place were Japanese media are scarce, anime are a fun way to hear the language and I don't know, maybe even pick up a few things along the line. There are some mighty fine anime out there!

Looking forward to a hopefully very long forum membership!

PS Oh dear for millisecond I thought it said f*** you in that thingy under my name ... lmao!! So what does it say? Beginner? Hahah!!
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hiya violet and welcome, to put your fears aside there are a number of members older than you, though im not one of them lol. anyway have fun on the forum.

for the meaning of your user title (whats right under your name) refer to this thread
Thanks you two!

And glad to hear there are several above thirty folks here as well. Not that age really matters mind you :)

Thanks also for the link. Sounds like an interesting game, shogi.
Hiya Violet! You sound like a very interesting person to get to know! ;) Glad you stumbled upon our little 'home'! :D

Hope you have fun here and many laughs! 👏
:D Violet, I think that "Fuhyou" kind of resembles that too!

Anyway, it's so good to have you here. I hope to be seeing more of you around the forum! ;)

By the way, you're not much older than me(27). Go Gen-X crew! :p
Hey Violet! Sounds like you lead a great life 😄
Very glad to have you on the forum!! Wow... I think I might be the youngest on this forum.
Hahah, thank you all for the warm welcome! Always nice to receive a warm welcome when wandering into a new place :)

Originally posted by kirei_na_me
:D Violet, I think that "Fuhyou" kind of resembles that too!

Haha, what a very impolite way to get told you're a n00b then :D
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