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sorry guys


7 Jan 2003
but i am powered by the germans :eek:


and it does slide a lot on ice with the handbrake :D
At least you're smart enough not to buy a French car. :D

Sorry about that. I've developed a thing against French cars. :)

I think every car slides quite well with the handbrake. Unless you have rear-wheeldrive. Then you don't need to use the handbrake.
I have a 4WD myself. It doesn't slide, unless i'm doing something really wild with the steeringwheel.
well, i hate french cars too :eek: , i've tried many of them, but since i've tried audi, vw, i can't stand those anymore

there is no need for a 4wd around here, it snows something like every 4 years, and it's the first time it stays so long on the roads, so i found a way to enjoy it 😄
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