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Sora by Yokko Kanno


10 Dec 2003
I think the song is sung by Yokko Kanno... I'm the LAST person who'd know...

Anyways... Has anyone heard this song? It's from the Movie Escaflowne. It's really soothing and stuff... helps me sleep really good...

So yeah, I've heard this song a million times, and I almost know all the words by heart, mind you the punctuation would be WAY off, so I won't even bother TRYING to write it down. But does anyone know what the song is about? How about some lyrics? It's an awesome song, but I have NO idea what she is singing about... Does anywone know what the lyrics are about in english?

wow..quadruple post..thanks board lag..lol..sorry

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I Always enjoy Listening to Yoko Kanno Cd Soundtracks,They have a very New feeling of Music to me,One of my favrite Soundtracks she has Produced was the Cowboy Bebop Series,Im very into Jazz so it was a great pleasure to hear it.

Anyone has any other feelings for her or her Soundtracks? 🙂
I like her song cats on mars from cowboy bebop, it's so cute and bouncy. I am familar with sora, but I have never thought of using it to fall asleep.:)
I didnt know SORA was a sond from Yoko Kanno,
Can you help me out then very wuick.where am i able to to hear this Sora sond.What album is it from
Alright thank you.I dont knwo if you or anyone esle has noticed but it shows you as offline.

Ill check out the cd as soon as i get the money to buy it
It's expensive at amazon, but you might be able to find it somewhere else for less. Like anime castle, yes asia or something.
This song is sung in SEVERAL different languages actually.
I'm not quite sure which ones. There is a Japanese version, but I've never heard anyone sing it before. The song you hear on the movie is in like a bazillion different languages
There is a translation in English at this site here:

Tsubasa no Kami: Escaflowne Movie Music

Yoko Kanno is known for writing her songs using many languages in her lyrics, which is really nifty. I"ve never heard of anyone else doing that, she's really very talented!
Originally posted by suzu
I like her song cats on mars from cowboy bebop, it's so cute and bouncy. I am familar with sora, but I have never thought of using it to fall asleep.:)

I really liked her work in Cowboy Bebop! Did she sing a song called Strangers? From Wolf's Rain? I was told that was her singing it. I have never heard of Sora. But yeah Cats on Mars is by far one of my favourites.
She and Hajime Mizoguchi (another famous composer) made a bunch of really cute songs together =) I recommend you check out Hajime Mizoguchi's work too
Does anyone have the orignal lyrics for cats on mars? the only ones I can find don't match the song!
Yoko Kanno has a web site that alows you to listen to all her music for free.Its great but i forgot the website ill get back with the link as soon as i find out,its great cause you dont have to buy the cd you can listen and see if you want it,But it has all her music notes and i think Lyrics.So i will try and HELP you out suzu...🙂
ACKS! I'd love to be able to actually find sites like that when I search -.- Please please please find it again Wisdom :eek:
You dont owe me anything,Just being a freind Would be nice.But thanks for the nice comment on my New Avatar.I have been wanting to get something i like,Ther is nothing worng with my other old one but this is something everyone can relate too. 🙂
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