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Sooo, what weapons can I bring and walk around with in Japan?


20 Sep 2003
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Ok, so I can imagine all the thoughts going through everyone's mind reading this title for a post. While I probably can't get around convincing you I'm not one of those whackjobs who wants to buy a katana and walk around in Japan or find an excuse to play ninja on the streets of Shibuya, let me at least say that I don't plan to kill anyone :D

In the California, being that it is the US, crime is always something you have to consider. Never would you walk around at night or go certain places unless you want to get murdered, raped, robbed, or all of the above in any order.

Japan... pretty damn safe, and that is probably one of the things I like the most.

However, I was wondering what was allowed to be carried, if anything, in case you needed to defend yourself in Japan. What is illegal and not legal or simply commonly used by women in case they need to defend themselves. For example, pepper spray would be the first thing that comes to mind.


10 Aug 2009
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I think a Pepper Spray will be ok
I think Japan is like Austria when it comes to weapons.
If you want to have a gun or a knife (not a pocketknife) you have to got a license
(I don't know if you need a license in Japan but you need one in Austria)
But I think it is allowed to have a Pepper Spray
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