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Sony's Blu-Ray Disc


free spirit
29 Oct 2002
Looks awfully good. :)

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 7, 2003 - Sony today announced a new blue laser optical data storage disc drive and cartridge-type disc media (both rewriteable and write-once versions), which will be demonstrated for the first time at the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM) conference in New York from April 7 through April 9.

The new media will offer 23.3 GB of capacity per disc, while the new drive sustains a maximum transfer rate of 9 MB/sec, making it ideal for professional data-intensive applications such as document and medical imaging, e-mail archiving, enterprise content management, multimedia projects, graphics design and audio/video editing. Both are expected to ship to OEMs this summer.

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And this Video Recorder looks great too...

In contrast to the conventional DVD-Video media (red laser), the new-generation discs work with a blue laser with the wavelength of 405 nm. It corresponds to blue color on the color spectrum. The maximum capacity of a one-side one-layer blu-ray disc makes 27 GB against 4.7 GB of DVD-ROM. The lens aperture is 0.85. The bitrate including service data is 36 Mbit/s. The disc diameter remains equal to CD and DVD, i.e. 120 mm. The disc is 1.2 mm thick with the protective layer being 0.1 mm. Recording method is phase transition. Groove technology is used to form tracks. Video format: MPEG2. Audio format: DolbyDigital AC3, MPEG2 Audio etc.

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this blue ray disk is crap, when it comes out the friggin' disks are going to be from $40-80 a piece, besides who the hell is going to want to put 20 gigs on one disk. dvd will remain the mainstream technology, as dvd-burners get faster they are going to pass the data rate transfer of BS-ray technology. and not to mention dvd-r's cost about 50 cents a piece. dvd capacity is going to get larger as well and will most likely be up to 20 gb by the time blue ray is out in the us. when the 16x dvd burners come out, blue ray with have nothing but compatibilty issues.
Well, the absolute maximum of the current DVD-standard is 17 GB. That's double layer, double sided.
If it goes beyond that, it won't be a DVD anymore.
Blu-ray could be a potential follow up. Currently the media is too expensive, but that price will drop when it enters mass-production.

If Sony keeps this technology to itself, it won't ever make the mass market. Other manufacturers are bound to come up with a similar system and if they license this cheaply to other manufacturers, that system will probably be the consumer's choice.
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