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sony patents shock and awe

Hmm... I wonder how much such a patent costs and whether or not the man who coined the term (former US navy pilot Harlan Ullman according to the article) gets any credit... Interesting.
Quick update btw on this topic as reported by Japantoday.com:

"Sony withdraws trademark registration of 'shock and awe'

Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 07:14 JST
TOKYO 窶 Sony Corp said Tuesday it will withdraw its application with the U.S. patent office to register "shock and awe" 窶 a catch phrase used by the U.S. forces in their initial air campaign in Iraq 窶 as title for a PlayStation video game.

In a statement released jointly with its U.S. subsidiary Sony Computer Entertainment Inc, Sony said the application was based on "inappropriate judgment."
no I guess making millions off of drug patents like viagra, isnt worth it... phizer made a huge mistake patenting it
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