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17 Jan 2004
Okay, I got a confession to make,

After I got a Gameboy Advanced Emulator with Sonic Advance/Battle/Pinball roms, the Sonic addiction was kicking in after months of abstinence.

Every Sonic fan should know about Sonic X. It is, essentially, the most recent anime adaptation of the Sonic series. It's pretty good, too. Good emphasis is on the Sonic x Amy pair, of which I recognize (and also made my ACSA Canon couple [I originally wanted Usagi and Mamoru, but they are deemed in my book as honorary, so I swore my Sonamyholic identity.]). In any cse, in Japan, it ended in March; however, it's running strong on fgoxBox in the U.S., and Europe is set to have a taste of the action.

My site now has some good Sonic X screenshots from Team Artail. Also, DVDs of the series are coming out in droves. It's awesome!
Of course I know Sonic X!!!
And Sonic in anime REALLY RULES!!!!
Did not watched all the episodes yet(and not in order) But
the story line goes pefectly with the games!!!
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