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18 Jan 2004
I've been writing song parodies recently. Here's one about life in Japan...

The Singin' Gaijin (To the tune of "Life in the Fast Lane" by The Eagles)

He was a Caucasian man
He was passably handsome, thought Japanese girls were pretty
He took a job teaching English in Tokyo
In the heart of that neon city

He had a nasty time with chopsticks for a month or two
He couldn't eat the noodles, lived on manju
He was no major talent, but he sang OK
So he... told the cuties, "Let's sing karaoke"

Life as a gaijin
Surely make you lose your mind
Life as a gaijin
(Are you with me so far)

Eagar for action, hoping to score
He sang every evening, sometimes until four
He knew all the cool songs, he could read them in kana
He would say to the cuties, "You sound just like Madonna"
People couldn't sing in English, try as they may
He pretended not to notice, clapped for them anyway
Some guys from Sony, requested "Hound dog"
He was... really no Elvis
He was... too drunk to worry 'bout it

Life as a gaijin
Surely make you lose your mind
A singin' gaijin
Life as a gaijin
Singin' drunk, all the time
The singin' gaijin

Her name was Yuki, just five feet two
She wore those fishnet stockings, mini-skirt, high-heeled boots
She said, "Come on baby, we can sing song Endless Love".
He was her Lionel Ritchie, she was his Diana Ross
He said, "Listen Yuki, at Hotel 5-5-5
There's karaoke bedrooms, so let's go out for a ride"
She said, "Sorry, I go home now. You give me telephone."
His bike was stolen, so he walked on home alone it was the

Life of a gaijin
Yes it made him lose his mind
The singin' gaijin, uh, huh
Life of a gaijin
Singin' drunk all the time
The singin' gaijin
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Peeing on a Jet Plane (Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul and Mary)

Well my bladder's full, it's ready to burst
The line is long, and I'm not first
I hate to freak you out on this long flight
But my will is breakin', I just gotta go
I can't stand waiting, it's gonna flow
Already it's so painful I could cry

So hand me an empty bag
Noooo not a paper one you hag
Hurry 'cause I'm ready to explode
I'm peeing on a jet plane
Oh no this bag's not big enough
Watch out there down below

There's a pool of urine on the floor
I know it smells but don't be sore
No you fool don't touch that exit door...

We were six miles up, the pressure was low
When the door opened, it started to blow
When we go splat, we won't likely feel a thing

So kiss me, have sex with me
This is our last chance you see
Hold me now we don't have that much time
'Cause we're falling from a jet plane
I hope we'll be though before we land
No not... a bad way to go

Now the time has come to leave you
One more time let me kiss you
Now close your eyes, the ground is rising fast

Floatin' above, Ohio corn
No don't cry, don't you mourn
Have no regrets, I had quite a good day

I was peeing on a jet plane
Peeing on a jet plane
Peeing on a jet plane...

Peeing on a Jet Plane, Parody Song Lyrics of Peter, Paul and Mary, Leaving on a Jet Plane
Ha Ha, I like the Eagles parody.
Sadly it's quite an accurate snapshot of the typical white male: loves to get sloshed, always looking to score, and has a highly inflated ego. (in the U.S. anyway) Taking a step back sometimes I wonder how we white(women) find them attractive...yet as a general consensus aren't into Asian men. Though I find some Asian men sexy. ;)
Folks here in Japan love to sing "My Darling Clementine". In fact I'll be doing it with a song group I lead this weekend. Here's a new version:

My Darling Clementine (To the tune of "A Man I'll Never Be" by Boston)

Oh my darling Clementine
You're lost and gone away
Ruby lips submerged beneath the sea
Fell into the foaming brine
The ducklings ran away
But baby sister's here to comfort me

You looked up at me
A 49er fancy free
Now lost... forever thee

Oh my darling Clementine
Light like a fairy, shoes that were number nine
But now your baby sister's here for me
Think I'll pull through eventually
My darling Clementine

Alas I was no swimmer
Did not jump in the water
Dreadful sorry, hung my head and cried
Cried a little longer
And held your sister tighter
Devotion, was it misapplied?

She looks up at me
And somewhere in my eyes she sees
A mi... ner fancy free

Oh my darling Clementine
I excavated mines night and day for you
But now your baby sister's here for me
Think I'll pull through eventually
My darling Clementine

(clip of the original Boston song here: Boston - Don't Look Back - Amazon.com Music)
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@Matthew: I find this soo funny, I believe that's your angle!!
I have to recheck "life in the fast lane tune" then I"m sure I"l truly appreciate the first post,
@peeing on a jet plane! excellent, I'm gonna have to steal your words and give them to my hubby (he's not a pro/or even a singer?/ Irish people enjoy drinking/parties, and we love funny sentence in song lyrics, (with your permission of course) I"l pass them on, maybe,??????
:D 👏
wow, never read the words to that song b4....very morbid lol, good lord! proves you can put anything to a good tune.....
HaveN, I'm glad you liked that. Deborah, feel free to sing them at drunken parties all over Northern Ireland. That would be great!
hay the pleasure is mine!!!:D 😌 good luck in your career by the way!! you will go far!! , but stay on the ground!! the clouds apparently clear eventually, 🙂 🙂
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