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1 May 2003
I'm a 24-year-old student from Germany and found this forum while looking for some information about the Japanese Gothic scene I want to write my final thesis for M.A. degree.

I decided on Japanese Studies as my main subject because of my interest in the language. This derives from long years learning Martial Arts and with it some pieces of Japanese Language and writing.

Sadly, I've never been to Japan till now. But I hope to get there in summer, collecting information for my final theses. =)

Silent greetz

Hi Angelus, welcome aboard and good luck with your thesis! 🙂
Konnichiwa Angelus Noctis-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. This fourm is full with Japanese things. Please enjoy!
Yoroshiku ne.🙂

Hi Angelus. Welcome aboard ! I hope you find al the information you need. Have a look on my site "Maciamo Japan" too. ;)
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