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Somebody cant count here, and it isnt me.


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
Just a moment ago, the boards 'who's online' feature showed 5 people on, but it claimed 6 users were on, with a certain amount of guests, or something.

Now it was saying 11 users were on, but it only listed 10.

Who can explain why this is?
invisible members, ive seen it say 7 online when there were 3 people listed.
that or it keeps track of those who have more than one personality.
Invisible, like a hide feature?

I wasnt aware this site had that option.
yuh in user cp under edit options its on the top of the list. it just doesnt show your name in the logged in usrs bit.
Yeah!!! During my darker moments, I visited the site as a guest, cause I didn't have the time etc. to answer posts, that could be a factor, not just for me, but for members who, are too-busy/don't get enough on-line time/sick kids/marital probs/ relationship-probs/life ****/ etc, peo-le are human!!! when they are ready to hook up with friends etc, they will let you know!!!!🙂 :D

If I don't log off and clear cookies, when I click on the posts it shows none there. New posts will show just 1 or 2 max. So I log off, clear all cookies, and come back. I have to hit the refresh button all the time for new things to show. Sometimes I see no smilies, only a box with little red X's. Sometimes half the post pictures show and I have to click on others to show. I can type a long post or PM which means I have to be logged in; but when I hit the submit button it tells me I'm not registered and I lose all I type !!
Hopefully, the new server will solve the bug problem !!


are you using netscape frank? i remember hearing it likes to cache pages like a madman so you have to refresh to see anything new. maybe try IE, though if youre already using it i dunno what may fix that.

I've done something to the setting to do with scripting or one of the internal setting I think?? I tinker away with the registry and all the setting so often I forget what I did. I always want to know what makes things tick. I'm thinking about up-grading my XP HOME to XP-PRO to have more access to Japanese Fonts etc. I try never to complain to the Forum when things are weird cause I figure I did something to cause my problems. If I spend the money to up-grade I better leave everything on default setting !! I go inside my case & tinker with the hardware as often as I go into the program and dicker with it; utter boredom is dangerous!


oh yeah i do that alot too, im just not too keen and not being able to have things they way i like them eg being stuck with "recycle bin" or "CD-Rom (D)" or "start"
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