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Some Questions about JR Rail Pass


6 Oct 2008
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Hi guys
I need some information about the JR Rail Pass, which I didn’t find so far on the internet.
I’m travelling to Japan this December and need to know which is included and which is not. I only ready about the Shinkansen
This is my itinerary:
Nagoya Airport - Nagoya (not included in the JR Rail Pass)
Nagoya Subway and buses (included or not?)
Nagoya - Yokohama (Shinkansen included)
Yokohama - Narita (Narita Express included)
Narita - Tokyo (Narita Express included)
Tokyo Metro (included or not?)
Tokyo - Kyoto (Shinkansen included)
Kyoto subway and buses (included or not?)
Kyoto - Osaka (Shinkansen included)
Osaka Subway and buses (included or not)
Osaka - Fukuoka (Shinkansen included)
Fukuoka subway and buses (included or not?)
Fukuoka - Hiroshima (Shinkansen included)
Hiroshima - Himeji (Shinkansen and ferry included)
Hiroshima - Okayama (Shinkansen included)
Okayama - Himeji (Shinkansen included)
Himeji - Nagoya (Shinkansen included)
Nagoya - Nagoya Airport (not included in the JR Rail Pass)
I wonder if the public transportation like Metro/Subway, Buses are included or not.
I hope you can help me out with that.
Thank you very much
Have a nice day everyone


1 Jul 2007
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In general subways are not included: know nothing about Nagoya or Fukuoka: in Kyoto there is a JR bus to Kinkakuji and Ryoanji, and I'd recommend it if you can as Kyoto busses can be very crowded and slow, but you'll need the busses and subways for everything else: the info booth at the bus area will give you times: in Tokyo and Osaka you can get pretty well anywhere on the local JR loop lines, although the subways are cheap and easy if you need to use them..have fun
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