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Some questions about Japanese university and language


18 Jul 2017
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Greetings good fellows, i am thinking to learn Japanese so that i can do masters (in mechanical engineering) in Japan and probably work there. But i have few questions.
1. I currently have 4 years to learn Japanese, and i am learning it from scratch(basically from complete start),so i want to ask what should i do first?- Should i start reading(memorizing) first without writing or should i write,read(memorize) at the same time.
2.I also want to say that i will put 1 hour every day to learn Japanese(and do it for 4 years), is that enough so that i can easily have comfortable conversation with Japanese people?

3.Also if(suppose) i do get enrolled in an engineering college in Japan.At the exam time(written one of a semester) do i need to write answers of questions in English or Japanese?

Thanks in advance :)
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