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Some of the worst things in the world are in japan

Ecological awareness? Smoking manners? Maybe not the worst in the world, but certainly at the bottom of the heap... But then, it really depends from what standpoint you're looking at things. Being Canadian myslef, I could come up with a few "Some of the worst thing in the world are in Canada"...
For sure. There is stupid stuff everywhere. But this is a Japan forum. Hence, we look at Japan.
Yet, you have to compare Japan to something to be able to say "some of the worst thing in the world are in Japan"... Anyway, let's not get bogged down in semantics...

Thinking about it really hard, after all my time here, the only things I can think of as really, really getting on my nerves about Japan would probably come up on any country's worst of list. Yet, here goes.

Building ventilation and insulation (stifling in summer, drafty in winter)
As I said earlier, ecological awareness--People litter anything pretty much anywhere, just to name one thing.
Public buses--They're the pits, there's just not other way to explain it.
Traffic lights--no timing whatsoever, so you have to stop every 50 m
Bicycles on the sidewalk... when there are sidewalks...--That's just plain dangerous to everyone.
Japanese parents who board private vehicles without securing their children in a child seat or safety belt first...
Public park maintenance--I can only remember visiting a few well-maintained parks...
Street lighting--except for well circulated areas (and then some), street lighting is just atrocious, thank goodness Japan is fairly safe. (I was seriously injured falling off my bicycle 3 years ago because of poor street lighting.)

I think I'll stop here for now or I'll be branded a Japan hater or something...
No need to be called Japan-hater for such things. It's important to be able to recognise bad things in every society, as of course no country can be perfect -especially because values are highly subjective and cultural.

I agree with the above.

As for bicycles, Japanese don't see the problem of not separating their side of the pavement with that of pedestrians. Likewise they don't see a problem with not burying electric lines and "concreting" rivers everywhere till remote areas of the country. That's just a different sensitivity and culture. I've got used to it, so it used to shock me as well. It surely shocks most Westerners when they first come to Japan (as for the chaotic concrete architecture :sorry: ).
i've been lookin at some of the Japanese street fashion on the net and everythings is fine until you come to their shoes. Oh my goodness...is all i can say...do people really wear those clunky boots? Just wondering cos i think they are making a sneaky appearance into the Australian foot fashion down here.

However i love some of the clothes, very original. 😄

Go South and closer to home!

Suggest you check out the U.S. for being king of "The Worst".
Probably the only thing Japan can beat the U.S. on in areas of bad are knife attacks.
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