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Social Justice, Non-profit, Policy/International relations work

12 Sep 2004
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I posted a similar question somewhere else but this regards working in japan. I was wondering what people knew about the social justice, non-profit scene. Is there one that is there, first off? I'm doing a lot of public policy work as well so I was just wondering how possible it would be to get a job in this area. That's given I master my japanese prior. I know I can do the whole teaching English thing but that may eventually become a limitting after a year or two. In my other post, explained it more but this all has to do with the fact that I'm a gay asian american who's been dating a japanese guy. Our future will inevitably bring us to confront our future together as laws in the US don't really recognize gay unions/marriage/partnerships so it leaves me and him very little room. =-\

One more thing I wanted to add, there are places that recognize domestic partnerships but immigration laws don't recognize same-sex-partners so green cards can't be obtained.
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