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So what is the Matrix? What is the purpose of the Matrix?


13 Dec 2003
here is a list of questions that have plaged me since the first movie....

Is it really a dream world for enslaved human bodies?

Is it a dream world for persons with superpowers? A way to hold them weak?

Is it a multiplayer game we forgot we are playing it?
Complete with levels ('Real world', Zion, Architects room) and booby traps and trap-within-traps? With god-like mode and bonuses and enemies and friends? With targets and rewards? With each player having distinct properties?

Was the game once voluntary?

Is it a study of possible futures? What happens if...?
Was the Matrix invented out of boredom? The purpose of the Matrix is.....to have a Matrix?

Is the Matrix a training program for people born into a highly advanced society?

Is the Matrix a contest between programmers?

Is the Matrix a way for the machines to insert 'chance' into an otherwise totally mathematical world? Is this the reason why they keep humans alive?

Is the Matrix a programmed environment of the machines? A fantasy dream the machines dream after they have lost the war against humans? Maybe the sentinels are sent by humans then?

Is it a game within a game within a game? Maybe everybody started once in a Matrix with powers like Neo. Then a Matrix within a Matrix was installed (with less powers for everybody). Then again a Matrix within this Matrix was installed...
Is it a way (say, for the machines) to study emotion, logic (=cause and effect), hard lot, powerlessness and other conditions of existence?
Is it a way for god (or whomever) to gather experience?

Do machines need humans to solve a problem inherent in their programming? Many freed minds are programmers/ hackers (Neo, Morpheus, Trinity...).
Do the machines study humans to reprogram themselves to be more effective?

Is it a way to enslave humans while keeping them working and entertained?

Is it a way for the machines to use human brains for computing (network distributed computing)?

Do the machines keep humans alive for the sake of intellectual curiosity? As humans keep viruses in a petri dish, manipulate the temperate, supply them with different host bateria, etc...
Is it a way to make life worthwhile after the earth has been destructed?

A preferable alternative in a post-apocalyptic world? Maybe the machines are slaves for humans, who ordered them to keep the Matrix running?

Maybe Cypher (who wants to get back to the Matrix in Matrix 1) is the only one being honest to himself? Maybe Neo destroying the Matrix is a dirty trick then?

it would be amasing is someone could answer all the questions without being sarcastic.

and dont say i have a lot of time on my hands.....i already know😭
Wasnt it explained? Humans were enslaved after a machine rebellion, and the reason humans are harvested, is to be used as energy, because the humans blocked the sun, hoping that would stop the machines.

The matrix was created to keep the enslaved harvested humans in an illusionary world, so they wouldnt fight back. Keeping them on a leash to use them.
Ghost: Thats the point of the movie. People think its the references to Christianity, but it is also heavily rooted in Buddhist philosophy, the first film.

The few that realized the matrix existed, were the few that realized reality wasnt real. Its an obscure way of explaining a core Buddhist thought, but its basically the gist of it.
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