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14 Mar 2002
A Japanese businessman (L) takes a cigarette break in the 'SmoCar' in central Tokyo on January 21, 2003. Japan Tobacco, Japan's number one tobacco company, rolled out a remodelled trailer in the city's central Chiyoda ward, which began slapping fines against smoking on the street late last year.


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Now that's smoking in style, lol:emoji_grinning: slap a fine on anyone who travels in this car who has not got a cigarette in their hand, haha.
It's about time the smokers(me included) got a break!
More on the puff cars.

Tokyo Smokers Enjoy Puffers' Paradise on Wheels

Smoking on the street was banned in the busy parts of the ward since last October, and a system of fines--up to $170 for multiple offences--began in November.

The regulations, rare in Japan where just under a third of all adults and nearly half of men smoke, were introduced by the ward office to help keep the area litter-free and cut down on the number of incidents where people are burned by passing smokers.

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