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What you mean by "Japanese", something kawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaii? :)

I've just downloaded a few cuties, will add them later on.
I found the hidden ones ... hehe you saw that post didn't ya :D

oops ... but still might be interesting.

it is my pleasure to announce the addition of a few Japaneeze smilies. 🙂

Sorry it took so long... 😌

But finally, here they are! 😜

And hey, after work it's party time, cheers! :cheers:

[Hehe, hope they don't become too popular... ;)]
They're already "in the box". Just click on 'Get more'. :gulp:
hehe ... wording is way to small to read ... maybe a native can figure out the tiny lettering.

I knoooooww that they are in the get more window, I want them in the maiiiin window 😄
oops still 2 more to go .... :) ;)

gosh they all jump ... must be some kind of petting zoo going on :confused:
Probably some of the old smilies are still cached in your browser, I experienced the same issue before. Meanwhile all the new cuties seem to be functional.

I just didn't find any real angry J-shmilie, that's why I resorted to this weight-lifting honey:

hehe, I was gonna mention that but totally forgot until I shut off my computer.

yeah the weight lifting one should do!
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