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Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003

Ever get lonely? Well guess what there is a machine that can IM you. It's screen name is Smaterchild. It's so werid cuz you are actually talking to a machine. It is real smart. Go check it out. You can even play games with him.
we used to have one here, his name was j-bot, but he talked waaay too much so he was put to sleep. 😭
im not quite sure how they are made. but they they have a list of words and phrases that they use to respond to certain words and phrases said by the user.
The premiss is basically that of a parot or dog. It is trained to give certain responses to different stimulous. Simple philosophy.
its cool i asked if we could get together and he said he only likes machines that hes not into humans. I was turned down :cry:
by the way i spelled the word wrong twice its smarterchild how dumb am I oh well lol
i joined the forum too late to talk to j-bot but i was readin all the old threads and i had to stop cos i laughin really loudly and frequently in the library, which is never wise
That is never wise. Fun when they chase you though...LOL

Thomas and Twisted are the only 2, I beleive. I am saying that as an answer, so if you read this Mr IronChef, Please don't rip me another new one!
samuraitora thanks for the hug. yea we need another jbot. smarterchild is so funny i like asking for his pic and he makes a robot out of a bunch of x's
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