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Smallest/Skinniest J-rock star? Tallest/Biggest at the moment


2 Jan 2004
Smallest, I'll say Kyo, Skinniest I'll say Toshiya or Shinya all from DEG. Tallest is obviously Miyavi at 185 cm. And Biggest, I'll say...Kaoru, the guy weighs 64kg. He obviously eats alot.
Hmm.. I quess I have to agree with your opinion.
Smallest off course Kyo-sama,
Skinniest Totchi and Shinya,
Tallest Miyavi [any other?? these guys really tall],
and Biggest---> Kao??? Hontou??

I dunno about this but I guess Izam also "big" hehehhe.. Izam also tall you know?? But I guess not tall as Miyavi does.
Smallest - Kyo
Skinniest - Die and Shinya
Tallest - You of Gackt Job he is 1.87
Biggest - Kao is not fat! He is over 1.70 so his hight matches his weight, he is normal. The other j-rock stars are to thin!
I think Die is also very skinny, look at those legs:

😍 Ohhhh OoO DIE is hot! Me fav! anyways, I have to agree with CIMA only on
"Smallest, I'll say Kyo, Skinniest I'll say Toshiya or Shinya all from DEG." and that's it. As for tallest I dunno, Die? Biggest... NOT KAORU alright... he's not even Big..... 😄 *points* what were you thinking?
i dont know who any of these jpop people are, but since when is 64kg fat???? im about 64kg give or take a kilo (1.76m tall, so bordering on thin. gee anyone need anymore of my figures? 😊). i simply cannot believe that theres noone heavier than that in the jpop scene.
Timsan said:
You all need lives.

i agree

i like (obsess) just as much as the next person but man

die is small and very sexy but lets not forget how small gackt looks around the mizerable and mizer era
hm.. interesting topic o_O are people getting bored or something? huh, anyway. how tall is levin from la'cryma christi? i might be wrong because i know nothing, but i thought he's smaller than kyo. please correct if i'm wrong (i remember i read from somewhere that levi-levi would be something like 4'11 and kyo is taller then, if believing what websites say :> )
oh oh shortest is definately hyde sama!!!!! wow!!!! a petite frame of 157cm and 25'' waistline... serious. now which jap guy's gonna beat that. heeeheeee
Smallest ~ Yomi, Kyo, Tatsushi, Yumehito
Skinniest - Die, Karyu
Tallest - Karyu, Miyavi, lol more?
Biggest - I don't think we have something like that. lol.
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