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15 Nov 2002
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And other scary things going on the tech front... :emoji_astonished:

taken from lockergnome... :O

Once Pop-Up Ads, Now Slide Over Ads

Before, when a pop-up ad was was displayed on a computer screen, it could simply be closed by hitting the "X" (if you use Windows, that is). Now, advertisers are experimenting with a new technique. Termed the "kick through," advertisers can direct a person to their website as soon as the cursor hits the ad. At this current time, Orbitz appears to be the only advertiser participating in the kick through ads.

This sounds really evil....


in other news:

Seven major studios filed suit against 321 Studies, maker of DVD Copy Plus and DVD-Xcopy - two software titles made by the company that allows people to copy DVDs. It will be interesting to see what happens here, hopefully, 321 Studies comes out with the win.

oh oh...I wonder if Catz has taken over AOL?
take off every zig!!!

All Your Instant Messages Are Belong to AOL

“Today brings with it some potentially ugly news for Yahoo and Microsoft. America Online has secured a patent for Internet instant messaging services. Filed in September of this year, the patent grants broad ownership rights to the technology, which is used by millions of people to chat quickly and cheaply across the Internet.”

AOL responds, “We are Borg. Resistance is futile.”
Well all of this evil reminds me of a hack someone did during the summer on Microsoft and AOL. If you search Evil at google aol.com and microsoft.com would come up first. It is too bad someone caught it.
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