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Slaughtering cats online


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
It was on the news a couple of weeks ago, now the verdict is out. Sick!!

Man gets 6 months for slaughtering cat on Net

=> http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=2&id=235313
This type of crap really pisses me off. I'm happy that they convicted the guy for this. Finally a message has been sent out.
That is sad i think he should be put away longer, he is obviously one sick and sad individual. as you all know i'm in school to do with animals and that is a very sensative subject for me, i think we need strickter laws world wide, the abuse i hear that happens to animals just makes me so mad!!!:angryfire
i cant stand abuse to animals and how becuse its an animal its okay because its not a human so it doesn't feel pain, that kind of stuff is just sooo frustrating that people can actually think like that! EERG people drive me nuts sometimes....
@ Anastasia, calm down. I feel the same way! I'm a true animal lover. I can't even list the different types of animals I've had in the past, from turtles to greyhounds. Still, it is a sad fact of life that certain people don't appreciate animals as we do, all animals, large and small, should have a right to life at their best, and if an individual can give this, then they should not take on such a task, "treat an animal as a child in learning" that's my motto, and if your patients ain't up to scratch then don't bother because you will make that poor animal miserable!🙂
*sigh* people are so discusting, i hope one day i can help enforce the law or help implement stricter laws
I'v got an idea!!! you inforce the law and all the rest of the members here can can go looking for the guys who break it!!!🙂 tougher laws should be implimented and inforced!!!
Deranged people don't consider the amount of punishment they would get when they're crossing the line, so tougher laws definately don't work.

Unless you want to give up every form of privacy of course. Then the movement of every person in the world could and would be monitored. If someone with a history of animal-abuse would come near another animal again, the government could intervene before that person could act, thus creating a perfectly safe world for anyone. (Sigh).
Several countries have introduced such strict control measures for sexual offenders. I think there's a community in the US that places them under house arrest and marks their houses with large panels. While I'm strongly in favour of animal protection I believe such steps would go too far. "1984" is over (or hasn't started yet).
I think tougher laws would do some good.
the problem right now is that someone who abuses or unhumainly slaughters an animal and the get slapped on the wrists and thier OUT, they do it again and their OUT they can do it as many times as they please and the law doesn't care. but if that same person were to do the same thing to a human baby, (babies are defensless as are animals) he'd never see the light of day again. To me thats unfair.
i dont understand why people view animals as something that doesn't feel pain and we can treat them however we see fit. Animals are alive, just like us, they bleed just like us and they feel pain...so why do people have to do that to them? why cant we just leave them alone? is that so hard? i say humans should just stick to abusing thier own species (harsh, i know, but its how i think)
I dont think anyone understands how much animal abuse makes me mad. i get so mad when it comes to abuse, poaching and inhumane treatment of animals. which is probably why i dont care too much for humanity, it never seems to change. (a good example is whaling) we are going to see major repeats in history and we are going to loose VAST amounts of species because of human stupidity. well i guess we'll learn the hard way, that man cannot live without these species, they are the ones managing the planet.
I feel the same way, Anastasia.

Hm, I believe that current laws are sufficient, they're just not effectively applied. Did you know there's even a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, proclaimed by UNESCO and based on the coexistence of species?
it makes me so upset that something so simple as letting an animal live and giving it respect is so hard i dont understand whats so hard about that
i just feel so helpless, people are stubborn and when they dont like something nothing could change their minds, if they think animals done feel pain and dont deserve to live on this planet with us then nothing will change that and the saddest part is that there are SO many people out there that think like that
its just so sad :(
MY god, that is cruel and nasty. Anybody who does that to a cat should have the same done to them. Yea, and I think I heard about this sometime this year when I watched the Japanese news on the international channel. (also due to I have 5 cats that I would like to beat the crap out of the guy if I found him)

Poor kitties😭
I know what you mean i have three cats back home and i love them to death. i dont know what i'd do to that guy if i ever got my hands on him.
i think anyone who has abused an animal should never be aloud to have a pet ever again, i think they should be marked or something.
hmm.. you know... "there's more than one way to skin a cat"... but that doesnt mean people should start counting them...

sick people..
That's cruel and unusual punishment for ya. I think the life imprisonment (if not death penalty) should be in order... :auch:
a cat...

all that for a cat ?
I've heard about people doing the same to human being... any human being, some of them called children !
we have some heads of states sending hundreds of people to certain death based on lies, contempt and personnal ground.
all that for a cat ?
all of the sick ones are not behind bar, yet... and will never be.
They should've locked up that braindead bastard for much longer! :auch: 😲
Ideally, they would've made a nice barbecue out of him! 🔥
barbecued bastard...

Hello Lina...
well, it seems that living in Germany opens new horizons in the food industry...

eating uncooked pork meat, and now barbecued bastards...

What a treat...

but of course, you are right.
faber beans

well I don't know about those beans, but if you like chiant with liver (calf's liver I mean) have it Venezian style with polenta, of ourse.. MMMMMMMMM!!!!
It May Not Be Right , But....

I value my cat's life as much or more then a human's.
I would probably go to prison for it, but I would not hesitate to shoot someone who was a threat to my cat.
Funny how a strong love for someone or something
can drive you over the edge of controling your emotions!


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