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Skyline in the US?


12 Jul 2003
I am hearing that the new skyline will also be available in the US.

Can anyone confirm this.

Although, the new design I saw was pretty, "disturbing"

Its totally different from the original look.
If you are referring to the new Skyline Coupe 350GT Premium (or Infiniti G35 here), I couldn't agree with you more. Not that it's a bad looking car or anything, but it's no Skyline imho...
**wants to save up 90G's for a GTR, lol**

I know there are Skylines in the US, but to get a new one here cost between $75k to $80k. I know I can't afford that. Nissan has not mentioned what the price will be yet but I'm guessing it will be around $35k tol $40k. A little more than the 350Z racing edition. If I'm wrong or if anyone has more info please let me know.
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