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Skyline GTR


1 Jul 2003
Does anyone know the old engines they use to put in the skylines... Before the RB26DETT ... I use to know.. But i am currently intrested in seeing if i can scoop up one from somewhere.. Would help if i can figure out the name of it first..
Konnichiwa MSProject-san!
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Do you want to know the model name of the first GTR's engine? The first and second GTR's engine name is the S20.
And the third, fourth and fifth GTR's engine is , you already said, the RB26DETT.

Honestly if your planning on getting one from that era that motor is probably going to need a rebuilt as these motors would be about a decade old. If cost's are an issue you might wanna look into purchasing an rb25det. The sr20det is another option as well but doesn't offer the sounds or tq. #'s of the rb25det inline 6.
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