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Skateboarding in Japan?


27 Jul 2003
hey i just was wondering is skateboarding allowed in japan or when i go to japan and skate there will the cops pull me over(not becuase of my long hair and shirts that say killing machine and the fact that im a foreigner)ive never heard of japanese skateboarders though im shure there are some im guessing i wont be able to but i still will for skateing has been part of my life since i was 2 so could someone please help me out

ooh ya if there arnt any boarders in japan the women will love me there theyll think im a rebel:smoke:
hahaha the women are mine!:devilish:
i saw some skaters in yoyogi park, but i wasn't impressed -- they had heart though
edit: took pics also
a kid with some real skills might take over
but definitely right, being a foreigner might be problem
probably not, as long as it's during the day?
hahaha the women are mine!

that's part of the problem imo
I know, joking, right?
but over there, one can/will be tempted imo CONSTANTLY

anyway, some links, judge the relevance for oneself
COMMOTION WORLD | コモーション ワールド
COMMOTION NEWS/Flatland Skateboard/フラットランドスケートボード
i always liked alienworks (i'm a raver!) myself
but now i'm more into inline
if going to england
edit: another link
take these words of advice!

"He was a skaterboy said see you later boy! she said see you later boy, wasnt good enough for him!"
YOU MAKE NO SENSE MAN?!first in the space post now this r u stupid?u probably dont even skate!?that song is very stupid and has nothing to do with my question at all!?

P.S. go listen to some X japan!


I'm surprised nobody mentioned my website since I am the one who goes to Tokyo Japan every year to get filmed/photographed for skateboarding, come on yo, gimme some word of mouth advertising next time.


nice nice but wheres the actual skateboarding hahahha i belive you must be somewhat good but i would like to see pics of the boarding i would really like to see some pics of japanese boarders to see if they have developed a different type of style like ive seen happen in other parts of the world.
can anyone help me?:smoke:
ditto! i ain't seen no pictures (although i really didn't look around that much :eek: can't view some of that stuff :) )
Oh I usually just post it in video clips like here is a


Fakie pop-shuvit 5050 indygrab fakie b/s 180 off a box.

I'll get some updates on there when I go shoot photos here in the next few and I'm also going to be posting more videos soon.

IS BUdd a big robot, or a man or woman in a huge robot mech thing?

I go to Tokyou all the time to do graffiti. good fun had by all.
Well, his avatar before was a heart with an arrow through it, so I'm guessing a woman. :D

I really need to lay off the sarcasm.
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