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25 Apr 2003
There's a video game (Final Fantasy Tactics) and there's a samurai character, and he has some techniques and attacks in the game, and I'd like to know what they all translate to.

Bizen Boat

(There's four more, but I already know these.)

That six words are blade's names in Final Fantasy Tactics, ain't they?

1. Asura is the name of Indian God. such named blade doesn't exist in Japan.
2. Bizen Boat is wrong. Bizen Osafune is correct. it's the forge master's name and the some blade's name he made.
3. Kiyomori is a historical person in Japan. but he wasnt a forge master. obviously such named blade doesn't exist.
4. Muramasa is the forge master's name and the some blade's name he made. the blades named Muramas are called "You-Tou (妖刀)", which means the blade might be held something supernatural and cut scarily sharp. it is said that the blades named Muramasa cursed Tokygawa Shogun, for that reason, they are almost broken and hardly remained.
5. Kikuichimonji is the forge master's name and the some blades' name he made.
6. chirichiraden? maybe it means the blade like designed in mother-of-pearl inlay. I feel it not sharp.(^^;) obviously such named blade don't exist.
(Sorry for the late reply; just got my computer repaired.)

Thank you. Can you also give me the Kanji for each? And maybe what they literally translate to?
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