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Silver Award?

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A couple weeks ago I was notified I'd won a Japan Reference Silver Award and that I'd be receiving more information, including the award graphic, soon.

Not only have I not received the graphic, but my entry on the award winners' page goes nowhere. (Actually, it tries to go to [invalid link removed])

Am I being impatient? Who should I contact to straighten things out.
sorry to hear you didnt get your award yet, things have been kinda hectic the last couple of weeks, what with the move and all. anyhow thomas would be the one to contact, but hes in japan right now. if you like you can leave your site address here and im sure he'll get things straightened out as soon as possible. thank you for your patience.
Ah yeah, this is something Thomas has to fix. Such links occur when you forget to put the "http://" part in the link-code.

As long as Thomas doesn't sent it to you, you can always grab it off the page from another winner. Actually, this way you can cheat your way to a gold award. :)
Nah, that would be fooling yourself...

Sorry for the inconvenience though.
Sorry for the inconvenience. I`m afraid I have the graphic on my local harddrive - in Europe, lolol. Please follow Twisted`s advice.
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