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silly question

agreeing, noting that "anime" is short for animation? just like "combini" is short for convenience store over there.
a lot of loan words are shortened, like "paso-con", "body-con", "terebi"...
Konnichiwa Minasan!

Yes, Japanese "Anime" is short word for "animation". Why is not "Anima"? Because the Japanese pronounce it as "Anime-shon".

"Manga" is a comic. This word is made from two Kanji "Man" and "Ga". "Man" means "discursive", "Ga" means "drawing" or "painting". "Manga" means "idle picture" or "funny picture" in literal...

"Manga" is a comic book. But a lot of Japanese regard Anime as a Manga. Anime means only "TV animation", but Manga means "TV animation" and "comic book" in Japan.

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