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Silly question.


25 Apr 2003
I remember hearing or reading somewhere about the "video game capital of the world"; someplace in Japan. It wasn't Tokyo. Does anyone know where this is? I believe it started with an S. But I could be wrong about that, so don't let it throw you off.

I'd guess "Akihabra" kadabra alakawhat? but thats more like, computer geek's land more than anime/video game land.


kyoto is where nintendo is located? why did the article say it was the capital?
umm-hmm, i was thinking along those lines, but he said it wasn't tokyo (although if he didn't know that shibuya is inside tokyo -- that would explain it)
asking poster: why?
wanting to go where gaming is strongest?
test skills against japan's best?
just asking :)
I think it might be Shibuya. But I'm still not sure. I guess this isn't important enough a topic to be posting; sorry. I'll find the magazine again eventually.

Originally posted by budd
wanting to go where gaming is strongest?
test skills against japan's best?
just asking :)

Heh. I'm heavily into video games, and plan to visit Japan one day, and if there is a "video game capital of the world", I'd like to go there.

Now that I think about it, I've always wanted to be in a Capcom fighting game tournament...
dont worry about if its important enough or not, we'll try to help where we can no matter how "silly" the question. either way the only other place i can think of right now might be shinjuku. good luck with the search.
Yes, please watch what you post in the future. As you know, we only permit important topics on this forum.

Josh is right. It is Akihabara, also known as "Electric Town", in Tokyo.

It is where all major game launches take place, and where you'll find all the really big game stores.

However, there is a lot more to Akihabara than just games.

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