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Silent Hill 4 The Room

I read some articles in this book i get every month plus the pics of this body pinned on these spikes on a bench....plus the trailer....

[is fearful of nothing but hides and is cautious of surroundings.]
So you think the game offended you?
I find the game bit disturbing too...
haha,anyway,how you find the game?
No, i love the look and what they said in the magazine! I want to play it sooooooooooooo bad! Really Really late at night.
yea it looks good, lets hope there is a reason why random people go to silent hill. Is it because of the Religion or what? (Example: silent hill 2)
I can't wait for this latest addition to the Silent Hill library. Absolutely loved the last three games, and am looking forward to Part 4. The trailer's pretty cool also.
I watched the trailer a while ago and it gave me nightmares... see, I'm not that great with horror games. o_O; Out of all the Silent Hill games so far, I can only play SH3 without much trouble, because I don't find it that scary. But, SH4 looks way too freaky and disturbing for me, I have some mental issues and it would only make them worse. *Curls up in a dark corner and rocks back and forth* I'm a chicken.. but that doesn't mean I won't be stupid and just try SH4 anyway. ^^;
That's weird, I've only played SH 2 and 3 so far, but I found 3 a lot scarier with its overabundance of monsters and the noises they made.... I didn't get very far in both games because the intense atmosphere made me feel stressed. :D
Yeah, this game looks like it's going to be really intense. Konami really stepped it up for survival horror games. Capcom is really working hard to compare on their new Resident Evil title, too. The floating bodies in The Room are crazy stuff.
Uguuuuu... :(
This game's too scary for me...I still remember when I was playing the 3 in the darkness of my friend's room along with her ...:(
lol Advice: Sensible persons or people with heart problem never play this game especially with dolby 4.1 or more
The game is out in Japan... it was released 2004/06/17... But I haven't seen it in America yet. I could get... and play it... and be totally lost 'cause I don't know enough Japanese yet... :(
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