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Sign for my room : ideas?


13 Aug 2003
I wanna impress everyone sorta by writing a sign in either katakana/hiragana, i want it to be wittingly funny. Any ideas? also if possible to spell it in katakana/hiragana because.. well i can't thats why i come here to get all my questions answered by all you smart people, and nihojin!

This is my room, stare in awe at how small it really is.

I don't really know what style of japanese it is in. (Used a translator :p) this would come in handy if you have a small room like mine. :D
WOW! That is tiny...come to my place...the smallest room I have is 12X15 with 9 foot ceilings...sorry...didn't mean to rub it in...lol
well you see, my room is the worst of all, not only to mention its size, i have NO freaking closet, my door is all squeaky, the air is all like... thick and warm, I can't open the windows, and there's a giant window next to my bed and someone could just throw a rock and kill me :cry:
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