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Sick of hearing MMO kiddies


3 Apr 2007
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Ok time to blow some steam on the forum I now seem to frequent.

MMORPG's im sure you know them (World Of Warcraft, Final Fantasy 11, Lineage 2) well they seem to be taking the world by storm. Female and Male ranging from 7 to 70, everybody is hooked on MMO's.

With this comes the dreamers who want to create their own MMORPG, so you get them asking "How do I make one?" "Im looking for a team!!" etc etc... They go and buy RealmCrafter (oh great another linear generic pile of poop thrown out in as little time as possible).

They don't seem to realise what goes into making a MMORPG. Lets start simple coding yea great till you have to start using packets and understanding how a client server structure works. Now most of these kids have no or little programming experience, network programming isn't jumping in at the deep end its jumping into the sea whilst a tsunami is in progress.

So you try and tell them, let them down gently... but do they listen do they hell!! I must have answered the same questions over and over and over and over, to the same sort of kids with the same big dreams but no skills to back this up.

Ok lets say that boy genius runs up to me who can code Direct Play in his sleep and has this all wonderful MMO ready to rock. He now needs a few million just to set up the servers, advertising etc.. etc..

Then people say well runescape did it!! Yea runescape inst exactly power sucking is it! Plus the creators got backing early on so funding wasn't a problem.

If you want to create an MMO theres a few easy steps.

1.Go to college learn to program
2.Go to University do a degree
3.Spend 5 years in a Software house working on smaller games
4.Hope to god an MMO floats your way and theres your dream (ish)

4 Jun 2006
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Pool's Closed

I'm waiting for Bethesda to wake up and make Elder Scrolls Online. With how interactive the single-player Morrowind and Oblivion are, World of Warcraft and Lineage 2 wouldn't be able to keep up.

To console you, I'd suggest become a regular poster at 4chan, and set up a few raids, like they did to the Habbo Hotel, and much hilarity ensued. Then again, you'd have to put up with /b/tards, and that might be worse, simply because of the immensity of Epic Fail they facilitate.
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