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Siam Shade

Who doesn't. :)

Shame they broke up, but guitarist Daita just released a new solo-album this week. Did anybody hear it yet?
*laughs* They arent popular around these parts?

You figure if people know Janne de arc, they'd know Siam Shade.

*hugs back* lol Glad to see another fan.
i get known about siam shade just few months ago when my friend played to me some of them.. and i loved them right away :p i don't know the band very well yet, but i know that music is good. very good, exactly^^
I'm so happy that someone else knows of them...you think more people would after all they did a song for Kenshin....but then again...it seems like everyone's done a song for Kenshin. Daita released a solo album...that's really cool...I'll have to be on the look out for that. *is happy that there are other fans*
Siam Shade are one of the jpop/rock band who have hit mainstream, and who I personally think, still really 'rocked' in their time on top. They didnt get all mushy gooey and ostricize their male fans by aiming exclusively at female fans like a lot of other musicians- er, I mean pop stars.
Yeah that was the song they did for Kenshin...I really loved that song too, but then there weren't many of their songs that I didn't like
"1/3 no junjo na kanjo" was the first song which made me a fan of Siam Shade, but lately there have been two songs of theirs that I can't stop listening to...

"Black" - With that opening hit alone, that is my current ultimate psych-up song!

"Bronco" - Anyone else like this song? I don't know which album it appears on, but I know it as the B-side to the "Glacial Love" single... but that's a great off-the-beaten-path song in their discography.

What are some of your favorite Siam Shade songs that fans of their Kenshin theme song might not have heard yet?

I only heard "one third no junjou na kanjou" and yes it is thru rurouni kenshin. one song from siam shade and they got me memorizing the lyrics of their song. even the translation! I`m looking forward to hearing more of their songs tho. I bet there`s a lot of good songs aside from 1/3 but oh well I love love love the intro part where the bass rocks and yea, it pretty much rocked my world until now.

Go! Give me smile and shine days.. Kimi no smile de...
I want to ask something..
What's the different between:
1/3 no junjou na kanjou single version and album version
passion single version and album version
why not? single mix and album version

If someone knows, please tell me!

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