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6 Mar 2003
Japanese erotica exposed By DONALD RICHIE

FORBIDDEN IMAGES: Erotic Art from Japan's Edo Period, by Monta Kayakawa, (Trilingual: Finnish, Swedish, English). Helsinki: City Art Museum, 2003, 112 pp., 82 color plates, 3,800 yen (cloth).

I once bought a CD-ROM of shunga and was surprised to discover that the art was censored! What a shock that was. And a waste of money. What's the point?
Interesting, Art shouldn't be censored I think its an insults to the artist. I've heard that arts with naked children such as angels and what ever are being debated of being taking out of museums due to child pornography.

By the way why is this in the French section :?
> By the way why is this in the French section

Oops, sorry. Because I didn't notice.
I went to see that exhibition when it was in Helsinki.
It was really amazing. People just walked silently around the exhibition at looked at each picture for a long time. Of course some of them were quite shocking even, but with that, also humorous. And beautiful-somehow I think modern day people should learn from those images and texts.
It was a great combination, since together with these shunga pictures, on a different floor, was the exhibition Tokyo Still Life of Nobuyoshi Araki.
You Can Find A Lot On The Internet !!

Google and other search engines show quite a bit. I always get a kick on the "SIZE" of things; some "BIG"
people out there!



PS - I have a small collection; how many would like to see it in the GALLERY, raise your hands!!

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