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Should cannabis be re-classified to a class B drug?


23 Sep 2005
As the title says, Should cannabis be re-classified to a class B drug?

I start this thread in light of recent news;

"Downing Street has signalled Gordon Brown remains determined to tighten the law on cannabis - against the advice of an independent panel of experts.

BBC News has been told the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs believes that cannabis should remain in the lowest category, Class C.

Conservative Leader David Cameron called on Gordon Brown to tighten up the law on cannabis.

Mr Cameron said the prime minister must "stop dithering"";

Full story;

BBC NEWS | UK | PM 'stands by stance on cannabis'

(taken from above link)"The council - the official body which advises the government on drugs policy - was asked by the government to review cannabis's legal status amid concerns over stronger forms of it.

Its decision leaves the government in an awkward position, said BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw.

If the government went ahead and reclassified cannabis to class B, ministers would be rejecting the findings of the council's panel of 23 drug experts - which has never happened before on a decision about drug classification"

I do not think it should be re-classified on the whole, since its obvious that there are many different types of it which vary in their strength.
IMHO, i think people should figure out a way of easily and quickly identifying the type of cannabis when found on an individual- if it happens to be Skunk, then the person should get a harsher punishment, if it turns out to be a much weaker type of cannabis then the person found with it in possession should be punished for it in a class C drug type way.

Politicians need to realize that Cannabis varies as much as alcohol does in its forms and strengths- it would be narrow-minded and overly heavy handed to put all forms of cannabis into the same category when it obviously varies so much in its form/strength/content etc.

A quote from comment on the BBC debates section which i agreed on concerning this subject;

"The simple fact is that, by any metric, cannabis is far less harmful than alcohol. Yes it's harmful, but not as much as alcohol.

Yes it's addictive, but not as much as alcohol.

Yes it leads to poor mental health, but not as much as alcohol.

Either fully legalise cannabis so that it can be licensed, regulated and taxed, or classify alcohol as a class C drug.

Making cannabis a class B drug would show beyond doubt that drugs legislation has no basis in fact."

"This prohibition nonsense is pathetic and will never and has never worked, anywhere, ever."

"Why is it OK to get off your head on booze but not cannabis?"

They are both just as dangerous if abused. The government should do the sensible thing and permit legal, responsible use of both."



I think the Cannabis Versus Alcohol comparisons make good arguments. Alcohol causes far much more problems in society, yet i don't see the government raising the legal age limit to deter people from drinking irresponsibly etc?
The government applies rules to one substance and not another purely based on their personal opinions- i can't believe Brown is rejecting the findings of the council's panel of 23 drug experts, do these experts opinions mean nothing in comparison to his much less expert opinion on such matters?

I used to smoke cannabis a lot. The only reason why i gave it up is because, like any form of smoking, its bad for your gums and to be honest i don't have particularly great gum/dental health, so i gave cannabis up for the sake of my teeth. I don't want to be loosing any teeth while i'm young, and because i did not find the cannabis physically addictive in the slightest it was very easy to stop smoking it once i had made my decision, and i have not had any since etc.
But i totally respect other people's decision to smoke the stuff as long as they do it responsibly/don't do it excessively and don't do it while pregnant or around kids or while they are young etc. This is exactly the same as alcohol- i totally respect someone's decision to drink alcohol or tobacco as long as they do it responsibly/don't do it excessively and don't do it while pregnant or around kids or while they are young etc.

At the end of the day, what you do with your body is what you do with your body- its your body and you have the choice to look after it or mess up it etc, as long as you don't go dragging other people into your issues, what you do in your life is largely your own decision. If you decide to drink alcohol, then you should research the facts and health consequences about drinking etc- if you want to smoke then you should do the same etc.
I don't personally view alcohol as much better than cannabis- but i do think that people aren't taught enough actual factual info about stuff like this, people just repeatedly say the same things like "don't do drugs, don't do drugs, don't do drugs" and this IMHO doesn't really help. People need to know the facts and consequences about something and then willingly make their own mind up for themselves about stuff. Whose advice are you going to listen to most anyway: Gordon Browns or your mates?

What do you think about all of this and what do you think is the solution to the re-classifying problem?
Get rid of the dictatorial religious nuts running most of the powerful Western nations and you'll see a more level-headed discussion on the topic. Alcohol is a depressant, marijuana is not. It's not an opiate either. It's something that causes people to mellow out and think a little more (slowly but) openly. If everyone was making love and smoking weed it'd be tough to sell a war. Keep them drunk, numb and depressed and you'll sell a lot more of everything.
Yeah i totally agree, i heard that cannabis is legal in Amsterdam yet they have a lower crime rate than us despite them legalizing the drug.
Personally, I have not smoked marajuana for the past 10 years because of my job driving as we are randomly drug tested. But after I retire..........!

Tokis-Phoenix said:
I used to smoke cannabis a lot. The only reason why i gave it up is because, like any form of smoking, its bad for your gums and to be honest i don't have particularly great gum/dental health, so i gave cannabis up for the sake of my teeth. I don't want to be loosing any teeth while i'm young, and because i did not find the cannabis physically addictive in the slightest it was very easy to stop smoking it once i had made my decision, and i have not had any since etc.
This I find very hard to believe and do not for once believe the stories printed in Canada and the UK about this connection and believe it is another ruse by the governments to convince people that cannabis use will rot your teeth or otherwise be harmful to you when the truth is the opposite is more fact than fiction. Sadly, as with most stories in the major media people usually fall for it hook, line, and sinker without doing much research on their own. Read this story for another take on it.

Latest Anti-Pot Quack Science: 'Marijuana Makes Your Teeth Fall Out'

If that were true, all my teeth would've fallen out by now or be rotten to the gums. I have smoked less than a pack of cigarettes/day for the past 36 years and back in the day I was smoking the "evil weed" on a daily basis (only at night though, before bed and when I didn't have to work) for several consecutive years and my teeth are still all natural (save for the three that were pulled in my teens) and I have had perfect teeth with no cavities for the past 10 plus years!

Cannabis is no way addicting or harmful to you heath regardless of what the media or science tells you. If that were the case I would be dead today. As with anything, including smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol, it must be done in moderation.

As far as cannabis is concerned, as bakakandajin mentioned above, it does make the mind/brain slow down and one is able to take everything in at a more slower pace and evaluate things without being overwhelmed by outside influences. One is able to sort things out and really comprehend things that may have seemed overwhelming or incomprehensible previously.

Could that be why it is illegal? Probably so IMO. As, if a majority of the population were smoking the "evil weed", I believe severe changes would be made to all governments and we would not be in the sad situation we are today globally. I truly believe that true peace would prevail if the majority of the population had access to cannabis and were allowed to smoke it freely.

I mean after a few drinks of alcohol I feel I am able to fight any and all comers who even look at me the wrong way at times, and felt I was the greatest driver in the world. I felt invincible after more than a few drinks.

When I was smoking the weed, i cared not to fight and couldn't give a damn what people said to me. I just wanted to be left alone to think. Also, if I were driving under the influence of the weed, I usually drove slower than I normally would as even the speed limit felt too fast, and I was more observant.

Back in the late 60's when I first started smoking it I remember those a little older than me saying that within 20-30 years, when "our generation" was in power that it would be legalized. "Never trust anyone over 30" was the mantra. I'm still waiting for it as those people have fallen prey to, and under the spell of, the elites who control, and have always controlled, governments and business and finance, etc. They were sucked into their web and conformed to their wishes in return for fame, fortune, high salaries, positions etc. and now do as they are told. What happened to the Woodstock Generation of "Peace and Love? "Make love not war" was the cry of the day. "Peace brother." They sold out that's what happened. What a sorry lot they turned out to be.

Sadly, cannabis will NEVER be legal or re-classified as a class B drug, at least not in my lifetime. That's for sure, as it would probably only lead to peace and less wars and crime and such and heaven forbid that should happen on this hell planet.

However, if I cannot sleep, they will prescribe a drug to help numb my mind. If I have a shaky leg, there is a drug for that or I "feel" I urinate too much! If I feel I cannot cope and have too much stress in life, they will gladly prescribe anti-depressants, all which help to numb the mind so one has no clear understanding just what is going on in the world around them. The same goes for alcohol, it numbs the mind and does not give one clear focus and understanding of what is going on in the world. Because of this, these drugs will always be legal and the "good" drugs, that expand the mind and offers clear focus, will never become legal.

It makes one wonder why there are more people in jail in the US for the posession and sale of marajuana than for driving under the influence of alcohol! That in itself numbs the mind!
I agree with all of you, and I'm blown away by how zero-tolerant most Japanese are of marijuana. As far as they are concerned, it's a drug and drugs are illegal, so if you're smoking pot then you're a criminal and should be locked up. Don't ask questions. It's a crime. The government says so. Period.
Hm well i personally think that smoking anything is not good for you, i don't think there are any exceptions to this when it comes to smoking, because simply put, we weren't evolved to thrive off smoking anything.

But anyways, i am wary about how bad the government and media makes these things out to be exactly, i'm sure that at times they often twist the facts and statistics to fit their own biased/ulterior motives etc. Either way though, no harm is done in quitting puffing the weeds for a bit. I don't know if i'll give up pot for the rest of my life or whether i'll just take a long/ish break from the stuff (because it stays in the system for a long time, i once gave it up for 6months a year or so ago just to completely get it out of my system and let my body take a proper break from the stuff for a bit). Anyways, each to their own, this thread is not here to judge overs over the use of stuff like this 👍 .
I have to admit though that its very nice stuff though, thoroughly enjoyable and great to chat over with when you're with your mates or your partner etc. I personally never smoked particularly strong stuff nor did it excessively, i just did it a lot (i have to admit pretty much every day). Ah, such a shame that some of the most enjoyable things in life happen to be so bad for you.
edit: Oh Pachipro, i have to say that unfortunately when it comes to smoking and your dental health, your gene's are on your side with you being a guy and all- a woman only has to smoke 5 cigarette's to do the same damage to her gums as a guy who's smoked 20 cigarettes does to his gums. Meh, cruel genes! Gene's are naturally sexist, so it seems.
Trying to legislate "moral" behavior in regard to drugs just doesn't seem like a good idea. I don't drink, never smoked and have never done drugs.

Putting people in prison for drug posession is a waste of time and money. Those Japanese cop shows where they bust some kid for a few grams of weed are ridiculous. They never show them going after the dealers.

Why don't they make the sale illegal but the purchase and use legal? That seems like a better idea.

I also think anabolic steroids should be taken off the hook. Anabolic steroids are one of the most misrepresented drugs out there. The misinformation is amazing! Considering the science that shows that the drugs are not nearly as dangerous as the mass media likes to report.
Well waddoya know, the jerks which run this country have reclassified the herb, against the advice of their most important experts on such subjects.

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Cannabis laws to be strengthened

Personally i agree with everything that has been voted most recommended on the BBC debate section on the subject;


A few prime quotes;

"Arrogant governments ignore expert opinion in order to give the impression they are in control and make the decisions. To me, they just look unfit to govern."

"No! Stop knee-jerking and legalise it entirely, with provisions made so that people may grow a limited number of their own cannabis plants. This would have two positive effects:

Firstly, cannabis production and dealing would cease to be a profitable criminal activity, thus destroying the black market overnight.

Secondly, most home grown cannabis would be considerably less strong than "superskunk" varieties, but sufficient for most smokers, reducing the risk of psychological problems."

"So, the best way to stop youngsters smoking cannabis, is to send them to an overcrowded jail, ruin their career prospects, and give them good chance of picking a nice healthy heroin habbit?

Get Real.

This is a cynical political move by Gordon to sound 'tough on crime' and has nothing to do with 'protecting people's health.'"

"Brown has shown he has no idea what he is talking about by his "lethal" comments the other day.

Cannabis consumption should be a matter of personal choice.
Put warnings on it by all means and enforce the same restrictions as smoking tobbacco in a public place.

You have millions of users all willing to pay tax on the weed.
Only a group of idiots could ignore the revenue generating possibilities of legal weed. Just proves politicians are idiots!!!

I smoke.
Its good.
I will carry on."
That's sad Tokis, but not unexpected as I mentioned above and, as you quoted above, the government stands to make much more money and have more control over the populace by making it illegal.

For more information on this subject here in the US check out this website LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) about how law enforcement personel in the US are trying to make drugs legal for many of the reasons stated above.

Also, if you're interested, I can post a link to a free, downloadable three hour radio interview with the founder of LEAP.
Cheers thanks for the link 👍 , i don't think i will have the time for the 3hr radio interview talk though unfortunately, but it sounds interesting :) .

Whatever happens though, whether people are pro class C cannabis or not, Gordon Brown will probably go down as one of the most unpopular people in politics in history in this country either way. His new decision on cannabis is unlikely to earn him many new friends.
Here is a news report concerning marajuana use by teenagers being released by the White House today. Is it a coincidence that it is released shortly after the UK decided to make cannibus use a Class B drug? What a crock of propaganda from both sides of the Atlantic!

There must be some reason why they are so afraid of people using it and it's not for the health of teenagers or they wouldn't be drugging kids with Ritalin to dumb them down.

As a side note, my brother, who died from cancer almost 4 years ago would have been arrested if he had bought and smoked cannibus to ease his pain and suffering, but the medical industry and the government had no problem prescribing him all the Marinol, which is a synthetic, pharmaceutical made form of THC, the main ingredient in cannibus!

MARINOL is a type of medicine called a cannabinoid. MARINOL attaches to special receptors in the brain—much like a key fits in a lock.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved MARINOL to treat nausea and vomiting associated with cancer chemotherapy in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conventional treatments.

The FDA also approved MARINOL to treat appetite loss associated with weight loss in people with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). If you have HIV/AIDS, your health care professional may prescribe MARINOL to help stimulate your appetite.

Other important facts about MARINOL:

The active ingredient in MARINOL is dronabinol
Dronabinol is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring compound known as
delta-9-THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)
Delta-9-THC stimulates appetite and reduces nausea and vomiting by binding to special receptors found in your nervous system

Delta-9-THC is also one of many components in marijuana. In fact, delta-9-THC is the main ingredient responsible for most of marijuana's effects.

MARINOL is not marijuana.

MARINOL does not contain the additional chemicals and impurities associated with marijuana.

And this is the government's web site about the use of Marinol

Does anyone see any hypocracy here? I do. If it's synthetic and a profit can be made by the pharmaceutical industry then it is ok. If you grow it to use at your leasure then you are a criminal.
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