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short-term joboffer: Translate for Lik-Sang.com


28 Apr 2003
This is a job offer to japanese freaks who are probably also interested in videogames (which is not really important though).

Lik Sang - Wikipedia is looking for one or two japanese translators who like to do some translation tasks on the website.
We are currently re-writing and translating all site content. The translations you can see now on the website will be
replaced with the new ones.

We are talking about around 700 defines, which are usally single words or short phrases, around 60kbyte of mailtext and
additionally around 10 pages of sitecontent (mainly service pages like shipping information and "about the company" etc). The amount of text is probably less than currently available on the website regarding sitecontent.

Most of the tasks are done online by using our translation tools.

The Translation should be done by the first mayweek, and we pay USD $500 cash to the translating team. You can also do the
translation alone if you have the skills. But we suggest to have at least a friend crosschecking the translations.

Our translationproject already started with people translating into 12 languages.

The translation must be of high quality, similiar to large sites like amazon.co.jp.

If you are interested, drop me a mail at [email protected].

kind regards
Rocco / Lik Sang

PS: Those smilies rule. .. :)
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