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I would like a nice suit (I have a kenneth cole one right now but I need a better one for meetings) Either Georgio Armani Suit, Or a Hugo Boss Black Label suit custom fitted....

Good question though.
Now Kirei, I know what you're thinking !!!

But I want the wedding kimono of Her Majesty The Empress Michiko !


I thought up a quote today... (probably patented it by someone else though)

A good suit pays for itself.

Think about it, lets say you have an amazing suit that makes you stand out in an interview. People are going to remember you by your suit, and make assumptions about you because of it. (sad but true) It could be the edge for landing that BIG Job.
i want the most exepensive peice of clothing there is that way i could sell it and buy things id actually wear and probably alot more, im a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy. i can count the number of times ive worn a suit in my life on one hand. prom and a few weddings ive been in.
That's OK Kirei !!

You can help me pick out some nice Victoria Secret's underwear for me to wear under the Kimono !!

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