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15 Jun 2003
Hello everyone !
Such a pleasure to find this forum !!!

Well...the thing is, im going to Japan for a 3 month period beginning next October. But i have some doubts that i want to share with you...

The first is about shopping...does things in Japan cost more than everywhere else ? In a more particular case, as an example, would a digital camera (about $400 in US, Sony, 3.2 Mpixel) cost more than that in Tokyo ??? People always tell m that prices in Japan are overwhelming...

That is it for now, ill come back later,
Generally speaking (key word: generally) you'll find that retail prices tend to be a bit on the high side but not exorbitantly high (speaking from past experience). Of course, you also get what you pay for (in other words, better quality). I bought an Aiwa MD player over four years ago that runs on Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries and the unit is still going strong despite extended use. Although I do not own a digital camera atm, i'm sure you will be able to find exactly what you're hoping to buy once you go to Japan.

I bought a Exilim EX-Z3 (Casio) 3.2 Mpixel+64 MB for about 48.000 Yen today in Ohsu, Nagoya. So compare yourself (I paid mine with credit card, account in Euro).
Thanks for your replies...

I found the Exilim at Amazon.com for Us$ 400, wich is aprox. 48.000-en, so it gives me a good idea...

Any of you know a good www of a photo-camera store in Tokyo ??
Hi loalq, welcome to the forum....

I also have a question, are there any taxes in Japan? I live in Canada; so I had to pay an extra $90CAD for the $600 digital camera I purchased...
Konnichiwa Loalq-san! Shadow-san!

to Loalq
Can you write and read Japanese? I recommend this information site to you if you can.

to Shadow
There is a consumption tax in Japan. It is 5% of price. You need to shop in a duty free shop if you want to don't pay tax. But I think that discount store is more reduced price than duty free shop.:D

Hello and welcome to the forum Loalq !

Digital cameras or electronic in general should be cheaper in Japan, since most of them are Japanese products (yes, Sony is Japanese too).

For the rest, it all depends what you take for comparison. I am not sure how much things cost in Brazil, but life is surely cheaper than in Japan. However, as a European, I've found that food, clothes (except imported European brands) and electronics could be much cheaper in Japan. This feeling has only increased since the recent fall of the yen, which lost 40% against the euro in less than 2 years. But for people counting in US$, Japan will be more expensive than last year. Everything is relative...

What will surely cost you the most is accommodation and transportation.
To Nangi-San.....

Thanks for the information... 5% sounds okay as compared to the 15% taxes we have here... lol
Thanks for the site Nangi-san...i can read hiragana & katakana very slowly :) (and a few kanji)...

Maciamo-san...thanks for your info. As my japanese teacher tells me, life is much much much cheaper in Brazil than in Japan...but still i hope i can find some eletronics cheaper than in here (some of them are quite expensive in Brazil, specially the new stuff).
Electronics will likely be much cheaper and more advanced in Japan. You may want to take care to pick models which can be serviced outside of Japan.

For electronics, check www.biccamera.com. For example, they are selling a 3.2MP Sony CyberShot (DSC-P32) for Y29,800.

Note, that most large electronics stores have "point cards" which will give you a 5 to 10% rebate. Make sure to take advantage of these offers.
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