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Shopkeeper keeps store open


15 Nov 2002
After watching the news on FNN regarding this bookshop keeper that was going to close up shop due to the death of a boy that had been caught shoplifting, it seemed that those that harrassed the shopkeeper is an indication of what is wrong with Japan....why should it be wrong to catch thieves? And the father of the boy....the kid committed a crime...and he tried to escape from the police....he just happened to get killed because he was stupid enough to run beneath the guard pole when a train was passing by...
This is the same stupid mentality that is prevalent in Japan, which may explain why when the rules don't work, common sense is thrown out the window and stupidity reigns!

I'm glad the shopkeeper has decided to remain open....stupidity should not be the rule of the day...


I'm glad the shopkeeper has decided to remain open....stupidity should not be the rule of the day...

I believe these sentiments are correct, how-ever I think (my opinion) that your words in your previous post are, to say the least, a little unfair on the shop-keeper. Is it not the law to call the police when a thief is caught? In all countries, the answer is " Yes" how-ever how the accused reacts in this predicament is entirely up to one's self!! If the accused had sat refusing to speak/refusing to co-operate/ run out in front of a bus/taken a heart attack, surely that is not the shop keeper's responsibility,????? . Forgive me if I seem a little confused at the shop keepers guilt!! As I see it, the shop keeper has very little to be guilty of, except for a local police call because of theft in his premises!! As I see it!! and only as I see it! (forgive my innocents)we all life, life reacting to one thing or another, Poverty, We steal!! Cold and helpless parents, we seek all love and acception!!! Lack of education, We seek knowledge and redemption!!, Murder, we seek understanding, and forgiveness, and in theft, we seek comfort and self ability to provide, when these; links are broken due to being caught /discovered we panic, and panic is the cause of all evil and death, this is where the problem lies, Please understand my words!!! I heart sorry for the family of the young boy,

It is nothing to do with any child's upbringing, merely the need of an individual child to provide and conquer all life's trials and tribulations with a head held high and with no interference from its parents, sadly this is not always possible and events such as the one above are documented as a parents or teachers failure, when in fact its a weakness of youth and not a parent!!

Please forgive my words. My intension is not to offend or deflect any parents role as a role model,(parent myself) only to express an opinion on youths (self-satisfied)with the owner's mind.🙂 🙂
The shopkeeper received about 20 anonymous calls denouncing his handling of the incident and blaming him for the boy's death. Some even called the man a murderer. [...]

"I don't think I was wrong to report the incident to police... [...]"

Common sense seems to be relative.

I did not mean that the shopkeeper was in any way bad....I think the full responsibility lies with the kid and his parents. The kid is a perp...like so many young punks, and although it's sad he got killed, he is guilty of stealing.
The ones who harrassed the shopkeeper and the father of the boy are somewhere out in left field...past the bleachers and somewhere in the parking lot....they're idiots!
and the kid was an idiot, too...but perhaps decided to be a candidate of the Darwin awards instead? I'm sorry if I have little sympathy for the boy, but there is no reason why the shopkeeper had to even think about closing his shop...he did not commit any crimes....
the kid was guilty, he ran, in front of a train, and thus got his punishment by his own action...sometimes justice is harsh, but if the young punks think they can always get away with crimes, they are truly naive...

And, Deborah, no need to apologize....my views are that shopkeeper = 10. He did the right thing.
The kid, his father and the harrassers = 0 They are stupid...

and thus, the comment, stupidity should not rule the day!

I am sorry if my comments were confusing!🙂
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