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Shonen Jump in the US!!


30 Apr 2002

Shonen Jump has reached my sleepy little town, and I'm lovin it!
Page after page of manga! I LOOOOOVE IT!! And by the same company that makes those graphic novels I love so much! And not only do they have Dragonball Z, they've got Sand Land too. I just can't get enough of any thing by Akira Toriyama...HE"S GREAT!!(and my moms age to boot 😄 )

They also have the manga origins of Yu-yu Hakusho and Yu-GI-Oh, and one called One-Piece!WHOO HOO! MANGA! MANGA! ALL MINE!!!
Hiya SaiyanChick!
I'm a Japanese girl likely to pass through, but I have caught myself and registered due to catching the word 'One-Piece'. lol

I cannot often be convinced how I should say those manga's title in English because they are often different from Japanese ones. but I could catch only 'One-Piece', 'Dragonball Z', 'Yugioh. :)
I'm also a Weekly Shonen Jump lover only for One-Piece indeed.
That's now on air in Japan and a hella popular manga!
Check it out at any cost!!

Many thanks for your reading despite my green English!
Japan's Comic Book Export

From Speed Racer to Sailor Moon, Japanese comic books and animation have long enjoyed a cult following in the United States. A few years ago, little pocket monsters -- Pokemon -- arrived and quickly became one of the most valuable animated properties in history. Now, there's a new monster on the block. A U.S. version of Shonen Jump -- Japan's most popular comic -- is poised to take American teens by storm. [...]

Yu-Gi-Oh, a storyline and card game about kids who play magical games, may be Shonen Jump's not-so-secret weapon. MacDonald says kids who bought Pokemon toys and games are now watching the Yu-Gi-Oh series on the WB network six days a week. They're likely customers for Shonen Jump.

MacDonald says anime is ultimately a multimedia empire, not a way of life. But others say that beyond a world of toys, comic books and video games, Shonen Jump seeks to teach about Japanese culture. That makes the magazine groundbreaking, says Susan Napier, a Japanese culture professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

;) hey,

i've heard about that magazine , although i've never actually seen it in any store around here...
BUT , the magazine ''newtype'' is available here! does anyone know it??
i asked my japanese friends and none of them knew the magazine 😭
anyway..;) i'm still looking to find a copy of shonen jump :)

ciao ,
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