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10 Apr 2003

I am going to be going to Japan at the end of May as part of a University sponsered home-stay program. The one thing that I know I want to bring back is a Shogi board. I am wonder how much would one of these set me back? Are they like chess boards over here in North America and can be purchased for anywhere between $10 and a small fortune? What kind of price ranges would I be looking at?
Konnichiwa Senyonju-san!

If you want to take Shogi Bord Set back, I recommend more than $30 to you.
The most low priced Bord Set is $10 or less. But it is made of thin sheet steel or plastic. And it is very small and easily broken. But it can fold and easy to portable.
If you want to enjoy for a long time, I recommend that made of wood. It is very strong. I think that wood Shogi Bord set is from $30.

I attach Shogi photo. It is $10 thing.



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Thanks for the info, I'm assuming those prices are in (the ever devaluating) US Dollars? Yeah those travel ones are definatly not what I'm going to get.

I also know there are several variations, I'm wanting the one that is usually associated with the term "Japanese Chess" will I need to be careful or are the other variations pretty rare?
Konnichiwa Senyonju-san!

Yes, the prices is US Dollars. But, of course you must change into Japanese yen. 1 US Dollars about 120-yen.

Japanese Chess means Shogi only in Japan. But there is similar game Go. Go use black and white stones but not pieces. I think that you don't confuse.



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thanks, go is actually very easy to get over here, meanwhile Shogi is hard to get, actually the variants I was refering to different versions with the same basic rules, but often additional (or less) pieces, and different sized boards, I found a game on the internet that had all these different versions, but they are the same basic game (as opposed to Go)

By the way, $30 is cheaper then I was expecting (given Japans fame for being very expensive)

Thanks again
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