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Shodo... My plans to write up a disaster!


20 Sep 2003
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Well, for those of you who browse multiple parts of the forum, I can finally say I finished the Tanka I was working on for a month! (Well, I think unless I find it needs to be edited hehe) Oh my, was that hard... but just the beginning.

Right now I'm trying to transfer it to a scroll like format using Shodo, something I know next to nothing about, and have been reviewing the past day. I was aware it was extremely difficult, but eek...

Second I saw this example, panic ensued. http://markun.cs.shinshu-u.ac.jp/japan/shodou/s2.mov

It gets worse of course, as it wouldn't be funny and humorous if it didn't 🙂

My writing is effectively the style of a 6 year old in english, and you don't want to even KNOW what it looks like in japanese!

To top it off with the best part last, the person I am writing this for is a Shodo expert 👍

One word.


I worked obsessively to be able to get the right words, and meaning across with the tanka, but now is the next step and it looks even more difficult. My question for you out there (and hopefully, a lurking Shodo artist), is this: Where on earth do I start? Tips? Warnings? Condolenses? :D

My goal is to get the correct Tanka down (doable), and write it to a scroll that is maybe hung by a string by a dowel (sp) with the proper use of shodo for a tanka. Of course, I have to pick the perfect time to give it and have the guts to do so as well, but that is entirely seperate ;)


27 Dec 2003
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Do you have anyone in your area who can give you a quick lesson in Shodo?


14 Nov 2003
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If only i had my camera... id take a pic of mine :S

Basically start at the top right and work down, 2 columns, then name on the bottom left, starting at the top and working down.
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