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29 May 2002
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I have a question based on the ganguro info. How popular is tanning in japan??? Here in america, tanning is VERY popular, especially with people from 13 to 40.
I don't find the tanning as bad as the attempt to look trendy with the off-white make up.....but then, when people just attempt to copy trends because everybody else is doing it is always one thing that I find amusing.....
I think it is a passing fad, like most trends in japan, here today and gone tomorrow type of scenario....curious on who makes the trends, since once somebody creates it, it appears the lemmings come out in force.....
watching some news on the ganguro or the ogyaru or some of the other trends, I guess the people (since I've seen some guys in funky makeup too) want to be different from the others around them, although having them all gather together looking the same sort of defeats that purpose.....some of them probably use it as a means to buck the system, since it's the only way they can release steam, in the pressure cooker that japanese society can be.... :eek:
but I don't know anything....I'm sure the others can offer more greater ideas on this topic... :D
A tanned body is supposed to look attractive and healthy, so tanning will always be considered trendy and fashionable. However, in times of climatic changes and ozone holes I'd rather opt for noble pallor.
one of my friends (who is a white guy) once mentioned that all folks who want to get tans are just jealous they weren't born black....but I guess Michael Jackson has the opposite problem....even if he did have a skin condition, can't say the nose job made him any better....unless he really wanted to look more like Bubbles...or one of the characters from Planet of the Apes... :eek:
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