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Shipping stuff out of Japan


13 Aug 2003
I don't know anything, so...
A friend in japan wants to send me some food but doesn't know what the toll thing is about sending a food package via plane. Does anyone have experience with this?
well it depends on the size and weight of the package, and then on the type of shipping you go with eg. super fast, medium fast, fast, or standard airmail. all that aside im not too sure that customs will let you receive the food, they tend to be picky about stuff like that. so you may want to check out germanys customs webpage and see if they will allow it to enter the country.
expect to pay three times as much out of japan than going to it, especially if it's air mail...if it can be sent by sea, then they will save lots of yen... :D
Yep shipping outta Japan is exensive. But you at least have the luxury of not getting it taxed while coming in. Ordering stuff from over seas catalogs and having them shipped INTO Japan is subject to hefty import tax should they catch it. Which they usually do :(
Is there a site for how much it costs to send things by sea/air out of japan? Ive go so much junk i need to send back when i go home ..... :p
Originally posted by yokutoshi
Send me something please....I WANT STUFF FROM JAPAN TOO!!!!!!

I know i would love stuff from japan:D

It is awsome i want some of there candy :D yum!yum!
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