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shin sangokushi III


8 Mar 2004
I went to see kabuki , two days ago...it was absolutely sugoi I loved every bit of it, even though I understood less than one per cent of the dialogues..
I had never seen kabuki before, so even if this kind of kabuki is quite different from the traditional one, I really enjoyed it!
The main charachter "Ouryou-sama", was a real hero^^, and I loved his words "shinzureba yume wa kanau"^^
I love the stage effects, which were really great...^___^
ja, mata

Wow,it looks like a good show by the way you say it!
Could you please explain more on what this show is about?
thank you! 👍
well, I heard the story is taken from a classical Chinese novel, the very first novel in China.
The story involves three kingdoms, but I can`t really tell you more, because I wasn`t able to understand that ancient language, full of keigo and old words.
There were bits in which there was the curtain down and only two characters talking, and I hated that moments, because I couldn`t really understand what they said.
there were others moments in which the action was the main attraction, and it was easier to understand what was taking place^^;
I also loved the onnagata, they played their roles so well that it looked as they were women. they had such a graceful and gorgeous demeanour...^^;
sorry I could not explain you the story...sigh..
/me is going to search it on the net and read it...

yeah or you can get the book, or even play dynasty warriors for the ps2 and xbox to get an idea of the story
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