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Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel


5 Feb 2005
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This should actually belong in the news section, but I think it will be more handy in the traveling in Japan section.

Osaka youth hostel gets top ranking worldwide

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel in Higashiyogodawa Ward, Osaka, was recently ranked first among youth hostels worldwide by Hostelling International.

The number of foreign guests at the youth hostel has increased to half of all guests from April to July. The ratio was 43 percent during the same period last year.

Yukio Katayama, sub manager of the youth hostel, described the ranking as "very encouraging."

He said the staff's commitment to improving customer service has contributed to the facility's international reputation.

"Some foreign guests don't speak [Japanese or English]. But we try every possible means to communicate with them," Katayama said.

Hostelling International asked guests who booked accommodations via its Web site to assess their satisfaction with about 4,000 youth hostels around the world, based on staff friendliness, service efficiency, comfort, cleanliness, security and location. The results were announced in May.

The hostel, which opened in March 2004, occupies the ninth and tenth floors of the Youth Culture & Creation Center, located about a five-minute walk from JR Shin-Osaka Station.

The facility has 23 rooms, including six-person rooms and Japanese-style rooms, accommodating up to 126 people. The rooms are available from 3,300 yen per night.

A German university student who stayed in the hostel said the facility was convenient because it was near the train station, adding that he hoped to stay in the same hostel if he visited Japan again.

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