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shimizu mega-city pyramid


24 Feb 2003
well i was watching the discovery channel earlier and saw this interesting show. it was about plans to build a giant pyramid city in tokyo bay. though they say the project wouldnt be able to be completed til early next century or later its interesting nonetheless. considering it would house 750,000 people in a pyramid about a kilometer high.
heres a link, not recommended for dial-up unless you have some free time. http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/engineering/pyramidcity/interactive/interactive.html

and just a quick screencap teaser.


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yeah but you never know what the japanese can do with 100 years and their ingenuity...
Frontiers of Construction? That's a great show... They had another episode where they were talking about how japan plans on building the worlds tallest skyscraper in tokyo as well...
it was extreme engineering.
i think i caught that show too, it was gonna be an apartment building, right? they showed tokyo's firefighting helicopter too. was thinking if i lived in the top floors of that building id keep a parachute in my room.
With the rate that tech keeps advanceing, It is very possiable it will happen.

Just think of what has come along in the past 20 years? Now I have a cell phone, GOOD camra, PDA, Internet / email all on a device I carry around in my pocket, Not to mention I can play doom 2 on it =)

Also as they were talking about, with the new carbon tubes being used it will be doable and I expect them to have an effective way to make carbon tube alloys within 20 years, Then they just need a way to get all the parts to the spot and put em together.

Needless to say they left out how they would get all the raw materials to the site... You would need to build alot of rail systems, a dock or something massive to import it all.

But the biggest problem imo, Is funding... Who has the money to pay for it and why would they?
Me Wants Image

I saw that show and i found it rather funy for some reason but anyway if any1 happens to no of a a picture of the pyramid could u give me the link or post. THX :)
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